Mandinka Magic, your source for professional quality West African instruments.
Featuring Fine Hand Crafted West African Musical Instruments

Welcome to Mandinka Magic, your source for the finest professional quality instruments from the Manding culture of West Africa.

Toumani Diabaté playing his Mandinka Magic kora!

Master craftsman Jeffrey Bodony builds standard and custom made instruments. Jeff also offers instruments direct from the skilled artisans of West Africa. These are instruments that sing with spirit of a rich and living tradition.

Instruments that are currently available are

  • Kora Mk6 (features carbon fiber truss rod neck)
  • Balaphon
  • Djembe
  • Dounoun,
  • Sangba
  • Kenkeni (konkoni)
  • Bolon
  • Donsongoni
  • Kamalengoni
  • Djelingoni (aka kontingo, xalam, ngoni)
  • Calabash hand drums
  • Bells( karinyen, n'anga)
Jeff Bodony, Mk6 Kora

The Djeli (Griots),the hereditary historians, praise singers, musicians, storytellers of the ancient mande peoples originated in what is present day Mali. These 'bards' have played these instruments and developed their music for possibly a millennia, carry a wealth of wisdom stories about the "rules for cooperative living" that are tested and true. Jeff Bodony, owner of Mandinka Magic offers these majestic musical instruments, reflecting his bonya (respect) for the spirit of this magical living tradition, with its rich repository of ancestral knowledge.