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“Hi Bro, I let you know that you make me crazy with your kora. I like the sound and I'm very happy with it … God bless you”

Toumani Diabate, Bamako, Mali

Over the twelve years that I have played your koras I have experienced little to no problem in playability and functionality. After many international tours I have had no problems with the adaptability of the Koras that you have built for me. Additionally, I have routinely gone to drastically different climates and had no problem with your Kora. I went on a tour to New Mexico, for example. At that time I was living in Seattle, a significantly damper climate. The regional transition was no problem for the kora you had build for me.

I feel your Kora are the very best in the world and I am very happy to play your instruments. Moreover, my career has hinged on the reliability of your instruments.
Thank You for your work,

Kane Mathis

"These are great professional instruments, authentically made."

Morikeba Kouyate

“I met Jeff and Liz after I had returned from a number of months in The Gambia, where I was studying kora. In the years since, Jeff has shown a remarkable love and dedication to the music, the musicians and the musical instruments of the Mandinka people. He builds koras, balafons and other instruments with a great respect for and knowledge of the traditions and, with that in mind, has added his own innovations. I have a small collection of wonderful African koras, yet I find that the one I play almost all of the time is the one that Jeff built. His work and generous spirit are loved and respected by the West African and Western musicians alike. I always look forward to visiting him and seeing his latest creations.”

Alan Perlman, luthier
Perlman guitars

“Jeff Bodony's koras are masterpieces. Jeff Bodony's koras are masterpieces. Every time I gaze upon my stunningly beautiful instrument, I fall in love with it again. The sounds are rich and luscious, from bass notes to the top end. When I perform, I give thanks that I have a kora that stays in tune so incredibly well! I have also played some of Jeff's other koras, and the outstanding quality is consistent. Whenever I need information or kora parts, Jeff is always a pleasure to deal with. He is generous with his knowledge and enthusiasm for the kora, and is a rich resource to the kora community!”

Unity Nguyen

Hey, the duns are doing just beautifully. I ran two summer institutes for music teachers this summer at SPU and I got so many "ooohs" and "aaahs" from people when they looked at or played your drums. They are so powerful. Thanks so much for giving them the love and attention you did. They love to be played. They were given a similar reception a week or so ago when I did a teambuilding program using drums at a high school.

Kip Hubbard, President Project Drum

"Jeff at Mandinka Magic is a master woodworker and instrument maker, who gives the highest care to his product.  My balafon is an excellent replica of a traditional balafon from Guinea, with a beautiful sound, yet sturdier and more road-worthy than it's African relatives."

Rob Pastorok, keyboardist and percussionist for Maya Soleil Afro-World Fusion Music & Dance

"I love Jeff’s Koras, the volume they put out allows me to rehearse my band with out amplification. My Kora is built so solidly that I don’t worry about it when I travel or when I go from climate to climate. I have always played the traditional instruments and I love them. I feel good about playing Jeff’s koras because, in addition to being rock solid, great sounding and great looking, I know Jeff’s reverence for the tradition of Kora is profound, that is what really makes these instruments modern manifestations of a beautiful tradition."

Kane Mathis

"Jeffery's Instruments are among the very best I've Played in my almost 30 years of musical experience. His Kora's are the best. His drums make me want to play them all the time. I would recommend them to anyone from a beginner to a professional like me."

Abdoul Doumbia

“I've had my Mandinka Magic kora for almost 10 years now and of all my koras, it is still my kora of choice for both traditional and modern styles and for traveling abroad. It's such a joy to play and so beautiful I've never heard a kora with such clarity, warmth, sustain and character as my MK3! I recorded with it on my latest kora cd "Calabashmoon" and on countless other sessions. And because of it's meticulous acoustical design, my MK3 is ideal for Jazz and Electronic music! It is truly a masterpiece and has become my closest companion!”

Daniel Berkman

"These instruments are the best Mandinka instruments in America now. These instruments have his experience, energy, feelings of playing. These instruments play, are too much fun, make you feel wanna fly, fly when you play them. They have clean energy inside. These instruments are made with love spirit. Anybody don't believe that, try playing one."

Karamba Dambakate